Our Philosophy

  1. -Started Company with Initial amount of 3 lakh rupees,with staff of 2 employees In Jaipur.
  2. -Converted pvt.ltd firm with a staff of 21 employees.We Launch 18 products and starts our expansion in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. -We launched 10 products with staff of 10 employees in Rajasthan.
  4. - Now we are working with 25 products in Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra and we are planning for expansion in Other states including Maharashtra and doing Exports.

Our Strength

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We provide competitive rates for formulations as we are the suppliers of API's for reputed companies which are approved vendors in multinationals and big Indian Corporates.

One can heavily bank upon us for providing quality products being used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Adhering to high quality standards is not an accident but become our habit over the years.

The 'SBM Code' of conduct provides a strong framework for business ethics by balancing our corporate values: Integrity, Customer focus, Innovation, Passion, Productivity and Adaptability.

We exceed the expectations of our customers through competitive products and services and by engaging ourself in partnerships and dialogue.

We have a well-designed supply chain management system that enables us to deliver in time, enhancing our customer base by leaps over the years.

We comply with all the regulatory requirement of different countries with their respective rules, regulations and documentations.

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